Battery Test and Emulation Products

Best-in-class measurement & control accuracy combined with highly dynamic performance for battery, e-drive and fuel cell systems testing.

E-Storage SiC

AVL E-STORAGE supports a range of different testbed configurations and inspires the user to create and run various kinds of use cases. In addition, this provides you with the potential to minimize the use of resources. From battery tests to battery emulation, and from single components to complete electrified powertrains, the E-STORAGE family offers you comprehensive, versatile, and highly flexible testing solutions. 

With more than 10 years’ experience in electrification and a portfolio that bridges the gap from low voltage to high voltage, and from a few kilowatts up to megawatt clusters, we constantly adapt AVL E-STORAGE to the market’s future needs. You profit from intelligent solutions with robust interfaces and high levels of usability, enabling you to purely focus on your test application.


The increasing demand for electrified powertrains requires flexible and future-proof equipment to cover a range of battery voltage, current and power classes. The AVL E-STORAGE portfolio provides a wide range of different devices that can be combined to provide maximum flexibility. All devices are on the cutting edge of technology in terms of dynamic performance thus enabling test results that reflect real world conditions.

AVL e-storage

All our E-STORAGE devices are available as battery emulators. No matter if the unit-under-test (UUT) is an inverter, e-motor, e-axle, or any other electrical component. AVL E-STORAGE focuses on low output ripple and offers modes for high voltage dynamics or voltage stability. This ensures a stable DC power supply to master the challenges of UUT testing.                                                                                 

AVL E-drive testbed
fuel Cell Tester car

The AVL E-STORAGE is suitable for all fuel cell applications, and can be used as a pure load for the testing of fuel cell stacks or systems as well as a battery emulator for fuel cell systems with integrated booster. Depending on the power requirements, a BoP (Balance of Plant) can be supplied by using a second channel on the same DC bus for maximum energy efficiency.

Solution Sheet AVL E-STORAGE SiC™

Join us in exploring new e-horizons.

Solution Sheet AVL E-STORAGE LV

Highly dynamic regenerative power supply optimized for testing low-voltage micro and mild hybrid systems (48 V).

E-Storage SiC

Battery tester and emulator for research and development, testing and validation.


Battery tester and emulator for research and development, testing, and validation purposes.

E-Storage LV

Highly dynamic, regenerative power supply optimized for the testing of low-voltage micro and mild hybrid systems.


Bi-directional multi-channel DC power supply to test and validate battery cells.

  • Large portfolio for high and low voltages with retrofit options and a scalable approach
  • Battery emulator with optional advanced battery models and MATLAB-Simulink® interface
  • Highly accurate voltage and current measurement & control accuracy
  • High utilization rate due to automated and safe sharing between several test beds

AVL is the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry. Drawing on its pioneering spirit, the E-STORAGE segment provides the capacity to shape future mobility trends, worldwide.

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