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We provide HTML5 + JQUERY Components based components to web designers and developers to help make their work easier, more efficient, and impressive. Our plugins extend functionality of Adobe Dreamweaver, bringing new features, optimizing the development and increasing the productivity for both beginners and advanced users. Components make your site more attractive, effective and modern. You needn't read lot's of manuals and spend your time on study the programming languages. It would be enough to install dreamweaver extension on your computer, then insert component into your web page, and choose the most suitable preferences according to your site design.

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Work in progress


  • We develop modern, practical, beautiful and really convenient components.
  • You needn't to know some special knowledge in programming; we offer you complete and creative products for your Web Site.
  • Each our extension has a wide range of parameters that you can change according your taste and integrate into any Web Design.
  • Our extensions are based on XML technologies which make components flexible, advanced and allow you to connect with different data sources.
  • Our team offer broad support ranging from integration of a component for novice users to small modifications depending on a specific task for professional designers.
Adobe Approved

All our products are published only after comprehensive testing and approval by the Adobe Quality Assurance team.





Our Dreamweaver Extensions - are professionally made components for Adobe Dreamweaver. We have utilized the latest web design and development technologies and software products for their design. All the components are approved by Adobe Inc. Company. Our extensions can make your work easier and save time during web sites development!

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