In 'Description' category of the Wizard (Select оbject tag, then click button 'Edit scroller' in panel 'Properties') you can customize the appearance of the scroller description.

  • Background color

    Background color of the description panel.

  • Background opacity

    Indicates the alpha transparency value of the description panel. Valid values are 0 (fully transparent) to 1 (fully opaque).

  • Padding

    Paddings of the description panel, between text and the edges.

  • Font

    Font family of the description.

  • Size

    Font size of the description.

  • Font color

    Font color of the description.

  • Link color

    Color of the description that represents itself as a hyperlink.

  • Link highlight

    Highlight color of the description that represents itself as a hyperlink.

  • Animation speed

    Animation speed of the description panel, in miliseconds.

  • Animation easing

    Easing effect of the description panel animation.


  • Image

  • Link to image file, appearance of the button. Image should have the following size (width x 2 * height, see parameter 'Dimensions') and contain two states (normal & highlight). Use images with the transparent background, PNG or GIF.

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions (width & height) of the button, in pixels.