In 'Thumbnail' category of the Wizard (Select оbject tag, then click button 'Edit scroller' in panel 'Properties') you can customize the appearance of the thumbnails.

  • Width

    Width of the thumbnails, in pixels.

  • Height

    Height of the thumbnails, in pixels.

  • Scale mode

    A string that specifies how to scale image. Acceptable values are "crop" and "fix".

  • Background color

    Background color of the thumbnails.

  • Border width

    Thumbnails border width, in pixels.

  • Border color

    Thumbnails border color.

  • Space width

    Space width between thumbnails, in pixels.

  • Server script

    The absolute or relative URL of the ASPX or PHP server script file that is used. A relative path must be relative to the HTML file. Absolute URLs must include the protocol reference, such as http://.

Effects on hover

  • Effect

    Effects of the thumbnails on mouse hover. Acceptable values are "opacity" and "zoom".

  • Transition duration

    Duration of the effect on mouse hover, in miliseconds.

  • Transition easing

    Easing effect of the transition.

  • Zoom

    Zoom amount of the Zoom effect. Available only if "Zoom" effect is specified in "Effects" parameter.

  • Opacity

    Opacity amount of the Opacity effect. Available only if "Opacity" effect is specified in "Effects" parameter.


  • Margin top

    Top margin of the captions, in pixels.

  • Font

    Font family of the captions.

  • Size

    Font size of the captions.

  • Font color

    Font color of the captions.

  • Text alignment

    Aligment of the captions.

  • Visible

    A Boolean value that indicates whether the captions are visible.