In 'Table' category of the Wizard (Select оbject tag, then click button 'Edit map' in panel 'Properties') you can customize the appearance of the table.

  • Visible

    A Boolean value that indicates whether the table is visible.

  • Display length

    Number of visible items.

  • Cell padding

    Paddings of the table cell, in pixels.

  • Border

    Width of the table border, in pixels. And its color.


  • Background color

    Background color of the table header.

  • Font

    Font family, font size, font color and font-weight of the table header font.


  • Font

    Font family, font size and font color of the table rows font.

  • Odd

    Odd color of the table rows.

  • Even

    Even color of the table rows.

  • Hover

    Hover color of the table rows.

  • Active

    Active color of the table rows.


  • Font

    Font family and font size of the page counters.

  • Color

    State color, hover color and active color of the page counters.

  • Sheet image

    The absolute or relative URL of the sheet icon.

  • Button image

    The absolute or relative URL of the buttons icon.

  • Button dimensions

    Dimensions of the buttons icons.


  • Length menu

    Translation of the "Display ... records per page".

  • Search

    Translation of the "Search".

  • Zero records

    Translation of the "Nothing found - sorry".

  • Info

    Translation of the "Showing ... to ... of ... records".

  • Info filtered

    Translation of the "filtered from ... records".