Customizing the component


To adjust the component appearance use Wizard. To do this, click mouse on the blue tab 'JQuery Responsive Lightbox: JQLightbox' above the lightbox in 'Design view'.

Then click 'Edit options' in Dreamweaver 'Properties' panel.

Note: Through the Properties bar you can load Wizard or remove lightbox. Also you can specify the type of the popup window content and group images into albums.

  • 'Edit options' button

    Load Wizard.

  • 'Remove' button

    Remove lightbox from your image or text.

  • Type

    Type of the popup window content. You can choose from enlarged image, YouTube, Vimeo, GoogleMaps, Ajax or iFrame.

  • YouTube:
    Google Maps:,Seattle+WA
  • Group

    Name of the album to combine images into albums.

  • Title

    Title of the popup window.

  • Src

    Source of the content. In case of image this is source of the image. In other cases this is link to video, Google maps, or iFrame.

  • Thumb

    Source of the image thumbnail.

  • Index

    Serial number of the image in thumbnails row in popup window.

  • W

    Maximum width of the popup window.

  • H

    Maximum height of the popup window.

  • Description

    Description of the popup window.


The Wizard looks like this: